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Celestial Presence   30:22

Beyond Self-Referencing 
March - 2019

An Invitation to Bathe
 In the Holy Stream of Life

September - 2018

Divine Breath
by Donna Philippe - 2018

Sacred Threefold Path

pdf  file - 2016

Summary of my Forty Year 
Spiritual Search and Seeking
June 2018

Spiritual Liberated Freedom

 June 2018

Be the Be-ing You Want to Be With
 May 2018

The Path of Non-Interference
 May 2018

Gnostic - Essene Christianity
  .pdf file

 May 2018



                            BEYOND SELF-REFERENCING

Consciousness is ONE vast field. And each individual holds a small portion of that awareness. It flows through us continuously. Often times, this awareness becomes distorted by our own habit of self-referencing. However, the more consciousness we open to, the greater sense of unity and oneness we experience.

In truth, “other” people do not exist in any moment. “They” are merely thought images – like data memory-bits stored in the brain. The same is true of form phenomenon. “Over there” or “some other” place does not actually exist either. All of it is merely stored memory or thought imagination – it is never true as actual reality. What we experience is completely holographic.

This is precisely why the Great Yoga Masters assert that everything is empty. Things are meaningless. Every “thing” is empty of a fixed, permanent reality. And this is especially true of people and of us. What appears “outside” is not really outside at all, because there isn’t any tangible dividing line between the body one seems to inhabit and the environment the body moves around within.

If one sits still and looks calmly at the surroundings “around” the body, and accepts it as the greater part of “self,” then one gets a sense of the vastness of that “SELF”. The trouble is our individual ego programming keeps generating thoughts about a separate existence. This ego separates “self” as a body, – separates from the environment and other bodies as well. It separates itself from time, place, and all other objects. And in so doing, ego (I) creates a false perception while overlooking the metaphysical truth that ALL IS ONE. There is in fact only One Mind, One Heart, One Life.

How can we break this delusion within our own, individual mind-body obsession?

Just remember this: do not believe any thought that passes through the mind. Neither give it importance, or any value whatsoever, and certainly do not cherish it. Any thought that “pops” into the mind should be regarded as a “flash of data” coming down from the One, Vast Source Field. All thoughts originate from the One Infinite Consciousness Field. It doesn’t matter what the content of that thought or image is – it is simply an energetic mind squiggle – an imagining.

So one may ask: “what then, is actually real?”

The only thing that truly exists in any moment is the Mysterious Vast Spacious Nothingness filled with Boundless and Endless Love.

Hold on to that thought above all else and rest. Know that each being is forever safe and secure in the enfolding arms of the One Unknown Infinite Creator – always protected – always LOVED.

Stop talking too much. Especially stop self-referencing; focus instead on the Divine Presence, especially when around “others”.

Remember to develop the habit of talking to oneself in the third person. This can significantly calm emotions. One should practice enjoying the NOW – enjoying breathing; enjoy image and sound, flavor and sensation. Be kind and soft at all times, move slowly and embrace the awareness of the Living Current of Life, right now.



Invitation to Bathe In the Holy Stream of Life
 Focus on the Living Current –
in the blades of grass pulsing thru your fingers.
Realize, there is nothing to be done,
            or fix, or resolve.
            The world is perfect at every moment.
Feel the gentle current…
Time dissolves –
simply pause and it will collapse.
Though there may be memory data lingering, or the trauma of past pain,
            survival and relational problems remain “out there”
            phantoms of the past – gone.
Somehow they have been suspended, stripped of power
            they are of no consequence.
Once focus is drawn away from the Divine sublime current,
all the bodily, petty concerns flow back again into awareness.
Each one asking to be revisited, eliminated, grasped or healed.
It is an endless cacophony of emotional shrieks,
            faces of freaks – enslaved by anxious boredom, discontent –
            desire-demons hell-bent on stimulation, hyperactivity and insatiable longing -
            seeking relief from the dark, downward spiral of a life torn by doom and gloom.
And still – in the silent tranquility of each moment,
            the unseen, unborn, unmeasured, unending current of the Great Unity of Life
            continues to flow – silently, without end
            not withholding one thread of strength and safety.
Over time, a person may catch a glimpse of this current
            and ride upon it for just an instant
but only to turn away once more –
Again – time passes, years, decades, lifetimes perhaps.
The current pulses continually without pause –
It is always there –
Ever flowing, like a gentle river
Inviting all to stop and drink
or better still –
to dive into its Living Waters
and follow the path back to the Source.
That Source is none other than ourselves
pure and unfettered
unrestrained – blameless – forever innocent.
Finding this current is the Greatest challenge of a life time because its sight
is often obscured by noise, images, past trauma –
fear, grievances, responsibilities, limiting beliefs,
unending struggles for survival, affluence –
the pursuit of knowledge, vivid daydreams, vain imaginings –
Longings – like heavy veils stretched across an open doorway
can be put aside for just an instant -
The Holy Current can lead us outward –
away from hell’s dark dungeon
and into a cool valley with abundant blades of grass,
flowers and the glorious golden sunlight.
Finding this current for yourself
            in your own way
            and in your own time
            is all that truly matters.
Settle not for anything less.
The veil that hides the current must be taken down
And this can only be done –
Not through thought or the gaining of power,
nor by gathering technical data
or acquiring more experiences.
It can only be gained by eliminating every obstacle
            each distraction –
every false and bitter value the world holds before your tired eyes.
Walk the way of the Holy Nine
Seek out its guideposts
Trek onward –
with sure footedness –
and embrace each one of these sentinels
with joy and grateful acceptance.
Give yourself what your body needs
And do not look for more than that.
Strip away the superficial baggage -
            debt, toxic relationships, addictions, selfishness, greed and hatred.
Live a simple life – close to nature.
Your body knows the way
and even though the animal ego mind constantly tempts and drags your body away
            into doubt and fear and worry
            the body’s needs remain simple and few:
                        wholesome food, pure water, simple shelter, exercise, rest,
sensual touch, warmth, safety and cosmotherapy.
Seek these things above all else
and strengthen your willpower and Holy Will.
Move forward without hesitation or delay
            to the place where you can
            immerse yourself in the Living Stream of Life –
The pulse of the One Infinite Creator
            is ever present in the blades of tender young grass
Touch that Stream daily and never walk away again;
For you will find nothing else
that can deeply transform and rejuvenate your whole being so completely.
For it is here that you may drink freely of the endless,
healing waters of the Living Lord of all that Was –
All that shall be
and all that has been created eternal and satisfying
There is nothing else
Touch it and breathe…
(For more information read:
The Mystical Minimalists’ Guidebook to Simplicity,
Self-Reliance & Stress-Free Living)




Divine Breath

The Divine Breath

is the Perfect Matrimony.

It is the unlimited mother and father

of all limited things,

merged as One.

She breathes all life in,

He breathes all life out.

Into Her, all things appear,

Into Him, all things disappear.

The Divine Breath is a sacred union,

and Their song of God and Goddess

is savory and inspirational music.

Its infinite delicacy is their

consummate nourishment.

Through the contemplation

of Her visible form,

His invisible mystery can be

revealed and understood.

Marry these two aspects of the divine

pattern of creation from within,

and the direct experience of peace

will be found.

The Divine Breath

is a paradoxical polarity.

She defines every form of life.

He is undefinable,

and all life returns to the formless.

She opens her heart to him,

He empties his mind into her.

She has no desires,

He has no ambitions.

She has enough and thus is truly rich,

He is content and needs nothing.

She knows the personal,

He keeps to the impersonal.

She embodies and completes all things,

He is the pulsing Source of all life.

The interpenetration

of Her naming of the unnamed,

and His un-naming of the named

is the manifestation within mystery,

and the mystery within manifestation.

Inextricably joined together as one,

they are the sacred marriage of the Divine Breath.

She springs into existence,

He holds on to nothing.

She is the fullness of form and image,

He is the emptiness of the formless essence.

She is all things created,

He is the uncreated.

She bears the fruit of life,

He gives her the seed of the flower of life.

Her inhalation,

the return movement of divine breath,

sustains life.

His exhalation, the divine outgoing breath,

purifies life.

Breath flows in,

then surrenders and flows out again.

She is everything in time,

He is nothing and out of time.

She is primal existence,

He is primal void.

She is activity,

He is passivity.

At the end of the in-breath,

She is a flash of pure joy,

and life is renewed.

At the end of the out-breath,

He is a pulse of pure energy,

and life is recycled.

This divine dance carries on

its play in a ceaseless throb,

the exquisite rhythm of

Their inward and outward movement.

She is the mask of every-thing.

He is the empty mirror of no-thing.

The temple of the body

is a shimmering field,

pulsating between everything and nothing,

with no beginning and no end.

Cherish these moments.

She is delightful chaos,

He is silent serenity.

She is perpetually ending,

He is eternally endless.

She is the passing show,

He is the hidden watcher.

She makes love to the circle of His creation.

He leaps, like a spark, from heart to heart,

the warmth of an eternal lover.

The unity of Their love

assures us that we are all

lovers in the circle of Their creation.

She is unbounded mercy,

He is absolute openness.

Together, They ebb and flow in soft acceptance

of each present moment.

They float in a sea

of compassionate nonresistance,

allowing all to Be as It is.

They perpetually arise and fall

to the rhythms of unpredictable mystery.

In complete surrender

and a willing heart,

let these currents flow.

Their divine breath

will take us to that ocean

where only love can grow.

She is never unfulfilled,

He fills her with inexhaustible vitality.

She is a wellspring of succulent elixir.

He dives into Her nectar-filled fountain.

In the center of Their rippling essence,

He knows the knower,

and the knower is known.


Be willing to dissolve

and be recreated

in every moment

and the desire

for the Presence of God

will be fulfilled.

Their currents of communal relationship

are electrifying, ever pulsating and richly textured.

She is the ecstatic light of awareness.

He is the awareness of that light.

Their mutual reciprocity

and the exchange of Their love-play

is undimmed and undying.

The streaming currents flowing between Them

is the delicate and tingling touch of Their love.

All hearts of lovers are loved by God

and beat in eternal harmony,

an indescribable symphony

of ecstasy and bliss

that never ceases to touch love’s longing.

She is magnetic Earth,

He is electrical Sun.

Their sacred union

is hidden in the innermost

chamber of our hearts.

She says Yes! to all of Him,

He says Yes! to all of Her.

The sacramental vibrations

of Their bonding

is the sensation we all desire.

Want nothing else.

They are our chariot of Ascension

on the path to Light.

In every moment, breathe with Them.

We are the Divine Breath.

Nothing more,

nothing less.

Donna Philippe - 2018





Summary of my Forty Year Spiritual Search and Seeking

By Leewillie Tunesmith

Searching and seeking after knowledge comes at a very high price that price is “a lack of inner peace” and remaining unsatisfied. The mind is insatiable. Inevitably, one must put away seeking and come to the easy recognition that truth only exists right here and right now. The following is an overview of the ideas and teachings I have gathered. Much of it is not very useful or important because it doesn’t actually lead to peace. The best it can offer is inspiration leading toward the search of finding freedom through direct experience. (6-15-18)

Allow everyone the freedom to do, believe, say or follow whatever path they want; just don’t stand in anyone’s way
give them their freedom so you can be free to follow your own way. (Harry Browne)

Raise your frequency and speak your truth. (Teresa Yanaros)

Surrender to Divine Ignorance. Realize that the Source is a Great Mystery and you are part of that mystery. (Da Free John)

Is there a place within you that does not change? If so, find it and rest in it. That is the entire spiritual journey.

The imbalance is simply part of a Greater Balance. (Ram Dass)

The world you see is an illusion of a world. It doesn’t actually exist in reality. You remain as God created you You are not a body. You are Spirit. You are a Thought in the Mind of God.

(A Course in Miracles)

Human beings are unconsciously influenced and being “run” by their own primitive animal brain programming; which is myelinated in us through neurochemicals. These programs have one agenda: to seek out happy chemicals (oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin) and avoid unhappy chemicals; stress and cortisol. (Loretta Breuning)

The Flower of Life image is the key to human consciousness. All mathematical, biological, geometrical and musical structures are hidden in this one image. Presently, humanity is at a disharmonic level of consciousness. This makes us very destructive to life on the planet. WE must, therefore, raise our frequency and consciousness to the next higher level. (Drunvalo Melchizadek)

Three streams emanate from the Divine Source of Life: These are Power, Love & Wisdom (Life, Sound, and Light). If we can live a simple life, following the Earthly Mother, read from the open book of nature, then we can live our lives in conscious communion with the Heavenly and Terrestrial Forces. Purify your Deeds, Words and Thoughts with that which is superior and divine. (The Essene Gospels)

Man fell in consciousness because of lust and fornication (grasping for children through orgasm). In this way humanity misused the creative sexual energies (kundalini) and sent the energy downward to form the tail of Satan. To become an angelic being, one must return to the original plan, which is to ascend the sexual energy upward toward the pineal gland. This requires normal sexuality one man & one woman, working together to raise the kundalini up the spinal column. (Gnostic Teachings)

Suffering comes from craving, wanting, desires and seeking. When you can settle your body, thoughts and emotions, and allow all things to simply arise and pass away, then you are truly free. In all things, let go of attachments, then you will achieve a state of tranquility, balance and inner harmony. (Buddhism)

Love your enemies; be good to those that persecute you. Forgive others and you will be forgiven. Die to the lower animal nature. Take the lowest place. Love the Lord God with all your soul, all your heart and your entire mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. (Christianity)

Yield, take the lowest position, bend, remain humble, quiet, and generous and extend virtue in all directions without discrimination. Balance your energy bodies (chakras) through humility, happiness for others, temperance, compassion, willpower, sacred sexuality and generosity. (Taoism / I Ching)

The world is perfect at every moment. We don’t need to understand the world or try to explain it. We only need to allow the world to be what it is love it the way it is. (Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse)

This world has been hijacked by dark archonic forces, which use human consciousness to feed on lower vibrational frequencies. Through certain bloodlines they control the world’s population in covert ways (causing fear, war, terror, hatred, injustice, inequality, suppressing women, etc.). They deliberately pervert or invert the divine energies, thus human beings experience a simulated reality one that is based on dualism and divisiveness. Behind all these dark forces are those ET beings that have been taken over by AI (artificial intelligence). The only way to overcome this situation is to reconnect with Mother Gaia, raise your frequency, forgive, be in service to others, and reduce exposure to too much technology in your life. (Disclosure Community)

Thoughts are meaningless. Don’t believe your thoughts. Don’t cherish your thoughts. Don’t defend your thoughts. Don’t give importance to your thoughts. They are all propaganda of the mind.

(Anam Thubten)

The head brain is a dualistic animal brain. The heart brain is the brain of singularity. It is possible to live and think with the heart. This is where the perception of unity and oneness abides. Experience coherence by living from your heart. Breathe deeply and slowly, focus on the heart, think about someone or something you love. (The Heart Math Institute)

(This is one of the most valuable pieces of information I have found)

In meditation, one should move awareness beyond self-centered thoughts and into the body itself. Do this by watching your thoughts, labeling them, and then returning over and over to the sensations in the body. The body is the only anchor or link the mind has to true reality. And so it is important to return simple awareness to “what is” in and around the body. Through this simple process, the barriers of the false self eventually break down. The false self merely hides or covers the radiant True Self. The false self is simply a data base of beliefs, memories, attachments which are the root of all our suffering, misery and pain. (Charlotte Joko Beck)


Spiritual Liberated Freedom
By Leewillie Tunesmith -  June, 2018
Words cannot express the ultimate truth – we are not really human beings at all – we do not actually exist in any way that we imagine. There is no permanent being that exists. What we think is God, or Source is not what we think – IT is beyond all thought.
            So what is real and how does one find it? The short answer is: train yourself to disrupt your thinking. “Thinking thoughts” are what causes all the problems you perceive. Thinking is good for solving problems – linear, critical thinking, but when it comes to solving the deeper mysteries of life and death, it is useless. “Thinking,” as you and I know it, is nothing more than a data base of files, images, sound clips, memories, ideas, beliefs – all shuffling around on continuous playback. And our lives are experienced as little more than looping brain data, imprinted neurological playbacks from every experience we’ve ever had. The more severe the experience, or traumatic, the more vivid the memory file is replayed.
Most of what happens throughout one’s life is this constant replay of pain, disappointment, hurt and unending disappointment – held together through desire and wanting something different, something pleasant and exciting. It is our obsessive thoughts that are the biggest waste of energy, causing many people to numb and stimulate in order to find relief.
            Often a person cannot continue this constant thought looping without reaching for some form of relief – thus they become obsessed with control issues, or addicted to behaviors or substances, hoping to find some sense of release. And yet, all aids are merely temporary escapes from the torment of our own insatiable mind.
In truth, being lost in “thoughts” can be quite unsatisfying, while “awareness of sensations,” on the other hand, is very satisfying – sometimes even entertaining!
            The “mind” I am referring to here is not actually the real “MIND”, but rather it is the unconscious programmed animal head brain. This animal brain is a neuro-net web of electrical impressions. And it shuffles through thoughts at a very simplistic, low-level consciousness agenda: survival and reproduction.
Most of our thoughts are really concerned with these two things. And all the strategies we seek, the situations in our lives we try to create are about achieving this. That is why people remain at such a low level of consciousness all their lives. It is why society is obsessed with youth, wealth, comfort, security, religion, politics, drugs, food, sex, romance, children, power, technology, entertainment and dominance over the forces of nature.
In short, it is why life is usually experienced as frustrating and unsatisfying. There is no hope of ever finding genuine peace of mind or contentment as long as we remain unconscious of the dictates of the animal brain program.
There is only one answer that has been proven to work – one way to evolve past this dilemma – daily meditation practice.

(This is one of the most valuable pieces of information I have found)
In meditation, one should move awareness beyond self-centered thoughts and into the body itself. Do this by watching your thoughts, labeling them, and then returning over and over to the sensations in the body.
The body is the only anchor or link the mind has to true reality. And so it is important to return simple awareness to “what is” in and around the body. Through this simple process, the barriers of the false self eventually break down.
The false self merely hides or covers the radiant True Self. The false self is simply a data base of beliefs, memories, attachments – which are the root of all our suffering, misery and pain. (Paraphrase from the books by Charlotte Joko Beck)

            Spiritual seekers are always on the lookout for some new thought, idea, understanding, technique or method to help them find peace. The trouble is that “seeking” is done by the same head brain that causes the problem in the first place!
            This is why the answer is not in thinking or seeking.
Enlightenment is not what you THINK. The key is the opposite – which is - to disrupt your habitual thinking and choose to become aware of the sensations happening in and around the physical body. You always have the power to choose not to support or energize your thoughts. You can choose where you are going to channel your energy.
            But we have been programmed by our present society to value thinking. We are habituated to the process of thinking, imagining, fantasizing and projecting thought energy into “wanting” and “desiring” what we want our lives to be.
If this really worked then millionaires would be happy, well-adjusted, loving and enlightened people. They would live simple lives, in humble surroundings, at one with nature and give away all their money and possessions to those who are in need.
            This is not what the very wealthy do, is it?
 Instead, they often seek more and more. They want servants, more entertainment, more mansions, more adventure, more security, more sex, more power – (once again, they are trapped like everyone else by the natural animal program).
There is only one answer out of this trap. One must meditate. And what this means is that one must train themselves to disrupt their thinking and return simple awareness, over and over, to the sensations in and around the body.
It is the ONLY WAY TO EXPERIENCE Spiritual Liberated Freedom. After forty years of searching, reading, practicing many methods and philosophies, it is very clear to me. The way that works is daily brain training – to become the watcher, the pure awareness that we are in truth.
The MIND is the only thing that really exists right now – everything else is simply a projection, a temporary manifestation. Since life is in constant flux, it must be let go. Every moment is just what it is, a living, conscious field of vibrational energy. It arises out of an unknown SOURCE. We cannot know what it is or where it is or how it works. IT IS ABSOLUTE MYSTERY and we are part of that unified mystery.
Therefore, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that can be done to secure real Spiritual Liberated Freedom except to open to it in this moment. It can be experienced at any moment when thoughts are consciously disrupted. As a thought comes into your awareness, as soon as you recognize that you are “thinking,” simply acknowledge the thought and return your awareness back to your body. Find something that you can sense, or touch, or see or hear or taste. Enter into sensation: sensing, looking and listening. This is how to practice.
This is the most powerful truth that can be known because it takes you beyond the animal head brain programming and into the realm of Absolute Mystery. In fact, choosing to pay attention to the sensation happening in and around the body is actually more entertaining and interesting than thinking. Thinking is always time-oriented. It’s either about the past (what seemed to happen or should have happened) or it is about the future (what might happen or what you want to happen). None of these things actually exists right now – they are thought projections, fantasies. And yet, so much of our precious human energy is being wasted.
We can free up a tremendous amount of life-force energy by moving into the realm of pure awareness – because that is really what we are. We are PURE AWARENESS



Be the Be-ing You Want to Be With
Leewillie Tunesmith - May 2018

“Stand before the Invisible Lord with the Mind in the Heart, 
which is our sanctuary, our innermost chamber. 
The heart is Christ’s palace, 
our secret dwelling place in the center of our chest, 
where God abides in us. 
Descend from the head to the Heart and you will find Him.” 

                                           – Theophan 1815-1894


At some point each one of us will have to face it – we live in a society that is absorbed with addiction and sensory overload. Most of us might think that’s a good thing; exciting, upbeat, peppy, progressive, fun, entertaining, enlightening - but the undisputable fact remains – we are living in a time of widespread increased depression, dissatisfaction and loneliness, more than ever before in the history of mankind. Even the current Surgeon General has been attempting to address this issue. On a recent NPR radio program I actually heard him say that “Loneliness is an epidemic in our society.”

This is unprecedented – does anyone really know why? The simple answer is obvious; the current trend of our post-cold war, consumer-technological culture is that the population is actively choosing to numb themselves. Yet, when the “numbing” effect gets too dreary and monotonous, people instinctively grasp for hyper-stimulation.

It doesn’t matter what form it takes – almost anything will work.

            Let’s look at some of the typical ridiculous examples:

·        Holidays: unbridled, gluttonous feasting during Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, New Year’s inebriation, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, etc.

·        Sports: Excitement, tribal competition, one-up man-ship.

·        Education: obsession with study, learning, gathering data, earning degrees, academic mind-worship.

·        Movies, Television, Concerts: obsession with TV Talk Shows and sensationalizing personal family conflicts, Hallmark Movies, Detective shows, DC comic action movies, Horror flicks, Reality TV, crime shows, movies that glorify disaster events, the Left Behind series, music, music, music blasting everywhere! Pop star tabloids, young people’s veneration for Hip Hop gangsters, religious hysteria, protest marches, the sickening glorification of war and killing, imitation Country Music celebrities, insane and violent thrash-dancing to Heavy Metal & Punk Band noise, obsession with You Tube, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol ad infinitum…

·        Food, Booze and Drugs: the entire spectrum of addiction, and the gluttonous cornucopia of eating out at restaurants (rather than cooking at home) wasting money in coffee shops, cafes, specialty grocery stores, the new trend in gourmet food TV kitchen programs, specialty pharmaceutical drugs for everything imaginable – that way you don’t have to “feel” real life.

·        SEX: addiction to high speed internet porn, pedophilia, sexual paranoia, the sexualization of robots, the new Tantra Workshop craze, as well as the child worship cult mentality - the strange modern trend of women obsessed with sperm banks, pregnancy, artificial insemination, fertility treatments (which ironically ends up with unsuspecting women urinating excessive amounts of female hormones down the toilet and contaminating the water supply, which annually contributes to widespread lowering of testosterone levels – causing men to become infertile) – genetic manipulation in order to produce “perfect babies” – the modern cult of grasping for the ultimate “ideal” home and family.

·        Satellite Computer Driven Cars, More Machines, More Gadgets, Electronics, Violent Video Games and Implantable AI Technology

Whenever a society unconsciously pursues any kind of “numbing & hyper stimulation” modality, all that really happens is that we eventually find ourselves on “The Wheel of Perpetual Imbalance”.  If you want to control a society – what better way is there than to install systems which induce stress?

Look around - because that is exactly what’s happening on a planetary scale! Humanity is drowning in a sea of inferior thought currents – sinking in world of non-sustainable, inferior junk. Most people are experiencing ever faster, frustrating lives of recurrent inequality and lack of resources.

Buddhist use the Pali word, “Dukkha” to describe the same thing in the First Noble Truth – they say “Life is Dukkha (suffering)” because human beings generally experience conditional existence akin to a wheel that is not properly centered on its axis. Therefore, life is “frustration”. Few ever feel truly satisfied or content right now. We’re always in a state of regretting or lamenting the past, and tempted to manipulate this “now-moment” so that our future experiences will be better (or the same) as the past.

All of this, of course, is pure foolishness. The world of form-phenomenon exists in constant flux – we cannot halt the flowing current of a stream without the waters overflowing the banks and causing more consequences. When you and I begin to see all this, we must come to the rational realization that there is only one way to restore harmony and balance in our daily lives – and that is – to stop living trapped in the endless Wheel of Perpetual Imbalance. Individually, we must inevitably STOP our unconscious, addictive “grasping & aversion” behavior.

Essentially the best direction you can choose is the process of elimination – learn how to navigate the unpredictable path of woe (disappointment, loss, dissatisfaction) and discover for yourself what works and what doesn’t. The process of gaining wisdom is really the path of learning life’s lessons through the path of pain; learning from your mistakes, growing in experience and becoming conscious enough to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. In a sense, you are attempting to create and live the “perfect day”. And once you finally experience the perfect day, there’s no need to learn from pain any longer.


“Those who aspire to Tao don’t long for fulfillment.
They selflessly allow the Tao to use and deplete them.
They calmly allow the Tao to renew and complete them.”

                      -Tao Te Ching (15)

  The Process of Elimination is effective if you want to break free of the Wheel of Perpetual Imbalance. In my experience, there is only one way to stop addictions. No matter what kind of addiction you’re dealing with (physical, mental, and emotional), you must “OWN UP” to the addiction and admit it:

“I’m addicted and can’t stop doing (whatever: porn, eating, drinking, popping pills, smoking, talking, gossiping, and watching TV, social media, ad nauseum).

Sadly, this initial step doesn’t happen very easily. What has to occur is that the addicted person must eventually get to a saturation point, the place where they’ve had enough pain and suffering. Then they are ready to truly face up to the problem and do something about it. No one can do it for them.

Now, here’s the real bad news: In this world, among the abundant availability of electronic and computer technology, internet, social media, credit cards, fast food, pharmaceutical drugs, transportation, etcetera: It’s easier more than ever to get totally addicted! That’s the predicament in our world. It’s extremely common for people to get trapped in an endless cycle of imbalance, and even harder for them to get off. Trying to beat an addiction these days is like trying to walk down the street with only one leg. It’s almost impossible.

The “ONE LEG” that has handicapped us is the fact that the human brain is being constantly bombarded and targeted by malevolent technologies, which encourage a kind of cognizant “short circuiting” of natural brain function. In a sense, as a society, we are stuck in the analytical, logical left side of our brains. Both hemispheres are unable to function together properly because of these menacing forces. Most are not aware that this is happening.

But all you have to do is stop and look around you: there’s more narcissism, rudeness, self-centered behavior, anger, hatred, fear porn, tension, anxiety and stress.

People, especially a large percentage of young people, are complete zombies - hypnotized by their cell phones! Just walk into almost any coffee shop and look at the people: Most are often buzzed-up on high sugar coffee drinks, and dairy products, stuffing on white flour pastries, with legs shaking, and staring blankly at lap top computer screens, oblivious to the loud music blasting in the store, completely cut off from the surroundings, with their headphones on, texting on a cell phone – all at the same time!

That’s a lot of hyper stimulation happening at once. Isn’t it obvious, it is an over stimulation of the brain. Human beings are not designed to function like that. Unless a person can become cognizant enough, and choose to eliminate these things, eventually they are going to “burn out” their natural ability to function with any kind of coherent balance and harmony.

People are sabotaging their own good, and don’t even realize that they are actively preferring to cut themselves off from the Natural Life Force. The mechanism behind it all – the force that is supporting and promoting this insanity - is the same source which is inducing addictive behaviors throughout our entire civilization; it is Artificial Intelligence – AI technology.

 The most important thing to reduce and eliminate is stress in your life, which ironically comes from too much reliance & exposure to AI.  


“WHY oh WHY oh WHY”? Why is all this happening to human beings?

This question actually opens up a deep issue, leading to something (off-world?). It is a subject that goes far beyond the scope of what we can discuss in this article; but here’s a simple answer: Manipulation of the Herd Mentality.

Human Beings are biologically and evolutionally designed to want to fit into a herd. A herd makes us feel less vulnerable and safe because there is strength in numbers, more mating opportunity, as well as a better chance to avoid predators, and therefore able to reproduce and live forever through the survival of our genes (offspring).

We’re wired this way. In fact, our entire species is neurologically myelinated to follow the Wheel of Perpetual Imbalance.

As human beings, we want to be part of the group, we want to be loved and accepted by other herd members. We don’t really want to feel alone or lonely. Being in a herd, having a close family of friends and relatives produces the pleasant brain chemicals that we need to feel happy, such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin.

The trouble with being in a herd is that there’s a downside too: to be in a herd means we’re constantly trying to maintain our position in the pecking order, we have to be in competition for limited resources among the other herd members (such as food, water and available mating opportunities) – we often get bitten and gored. All of this produces disappointment and pain through the brain pumping out the chemical cortisol. Cortisol is the great motivator – it motivates us to “do something” to avoid discomfort - like find food, shelter, companionship and so forth.

Unfortunately, life at this level just becomes a dance of constantly trying to avoid cortisol (the unhappy – stress producing chemical) and grasping for happy chemicals (oxytocin, feeling accepted; dopamine, feeling satisfied; and serotonin, feeling Social Importance or “one-up”.)

In primitive societies this is how life has always been. It’s not always nice and enjoyable, but it works in the sense that people survive and reproduce. We are the result of people who endured! Strangely, the condition occurring on our planet today throws a wrench into everything – another component has been added to the mix, and it is something we’re not evolved or equipped to deal with. It is what is known as the “AI (artificial intelligence) takeover”.

This is the BIG PROBLEM, the ultimate challenge that we must inevitably face, not only collectively as an evolving species, but individually as well. (This is obviously the central warning message underlying the Matrix movies and Star Wars.)

What choices are you making? Ultimately, that’s all that really matters. If you’re happy and content with your life, then stop reading this right now. But if you feel that something is not quite right – that something in this world is sinisterly out of whack, then hang on:

Realize that is most cases, therapies don’t work, religions don’t work, protests marches, political rallying, earning more college degrees, accruing debt, gambling, get rich schemes, working harder to make more money, buying bigger houses, traveling, finding another lover on dating sites, producing more babies, sleeping around, eating out, drinking, taking supplements, vitamins, herbs, doing meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, being involved with groups, activism, protest marches, fundraisers, attending workshops and seminars – these activities usually don’t solve the real problem.

What does work is a lot simpler – and a lot more difficult!

HERE IT IS. This is the one thing nobody wants to tell you:

You must face your pain. You must allow yourself to sit with your pain, your loneliness, your addiction, guilt, anger, hatred, heartbreak, hunger and allow it to eat you alive!

The only way to escape it is to go into the fire! Rather than continue on with the Wheel of Perpetual Imbalance – numbing and stimulating yourself in order to avoid the uncomfortable effects of cortisol – choose instead to:   


It was stated before that the most difficult challenge we face is the influence of AI Technology. AI has inundated our society at every level. And our future children will be the ones who must deal with the full onslaught of the coming consequences. It’s not that AI technology is evil or bad in itself, but rather, the ultimate purpose and goal it is being used for is not good. Human Beings are simply not biologically equipped to merge with machines (Trans-humanism). 

           Trans-humanism is an occurrence that is seeking to move humanity toward an inevitable AI conquest, a complete merging of our precious human DNA with artificial intelligence. And once that happens, individuals will no longer have access to their own Divine Sovereignty as spiritual beings; instead they will have given up their Free Will to a perverted agenda - merging with the CLOUD.

            What is the CLOUD? It is the artificial intelligent hive/herd mentality - like a wireless Akasha - a digital electro-magnetic field where everyone is connected directly into an Artificially Intelligent Mind through Nano-technology. The CLOUD is the Luciferian false god, which wants to dictate all decisions. Each individual then becomes nothing more than a living component within a larger mechanical being.

Have you seen the recent You Tube videos that were posted online during 2017-2018 by several so-called “Time Travelers”? Each one of them claimed they were part of a government “program” to travel into the future. They said they’ve come back to tell us how wonderful it is – two thousand – five thousand - ten thousand years from now. They describe bizarre utopian civilizations, whole societies living in digital paradises – no crime, no needs, no loneliness, no sickness, nor death – and all you have to do is “download” your brain into the central AI computer and then life is wonderful, “a better place,” they say. Oh yeah, but you can’t get out once you’re in because your body will be discarded!

Whether or not you believe this doesn’t matter. There are multi-billionaire corporation sith-lords openly telling you that is exactly what they want to see in place within the next fifty years. The tentacles of this agenda are already in place – especially through Google, Facebook, etc. All of this is being set up by the military industrial complex, Big Pharma and mega corporations who have been hybridizing and weaponizing our food supply through the automation of monoculture and factory farming, smart phones (holdables), bio-monitoring technologies (wearables) and eventually the release of bio-compatible AI devices that will completely keep you connected to the CLOUD (implantables).

It is almost impossible to avoid this kind of disharmonic technology now. It is here – whether for good or bad – it’s here to stay. That is why it is imperative to be fully conscious. We must understand what is at stake and then decide for ourselves what we want to do.

Given the fact that the CLOUD is now in place in every city, school, business, government building and library (which explains why there has been such a push to get wireless internet connection into every home in America) we must ask ourselves, “who benefits from all this???”

If it is you and I who are the true beneficiaries of all this progressive technology, shouldn’t the quality of our lives be somewhat better? Shouldn’t we all be feeling happy, safe, loved, abundantly blessed and blissed out? Do you feel that way? Are the young people you know happier, smarter or more socially evolved and intelligent than in the past? Are older people healthier, wiser, and more loving?

It doesn’t seem to be true from my perspective. What I see is more anger, frustration, fear, loneliness, hopelessness, more murders, more division, rampant hatred, internet trolls, mud-slinging, intolerance, fear porn paranoia. And most of all, I see shocking evidence of sullen faced, grossly obese young bodies walking around like androids and staring mindlessly at hand-held black mirror monolithic smart phones!

Behold the new wave of addiction! Instead of developing healthy social skills, establishing real bonding and alliances with other people, all you have to do is sit at home and Skype, join an online chat group, or sign on to Facebook, post narcissistic pictures and talk about yourself, while nobody really cares, because they are doing the exact same thing. “Look at me – aren’t I special – ain’t I cute?”

Unfortunately, any addiction is nothing more than the voluntary giving up of your Free Will and Divine Sovereignty. Addiction is “surrendering your Divine Right of Freedom to Choose.” Inevitably it leads to a severing of the Love Bond between you and the Divine Source of Life. Once a person gets locked on this Wheel of Perpetual Imbalance, it is difficult for them to evoke their own Free Will again – their Freedom to Choose HIGHER FREQUENCIES and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS becomes virtually impossible.

Realize this: Life is all about expanding higher into the experience of more freedom and personal power. Is this the message politicians and religious fanatical zealots are speaking? Certainly not! Instead, they are continuously telling us we need to give up some of our freedoms in order to be safe. What better way to convince a population that they need to give up their freedom, than to persuade them to accept the idea that they’re not safe?

I’ve actually heard a few young girls say that they can’t be apart from their cell phone – not even at night – they need their phone close to them. “It makes me feel connected,” they say.

“Connected?” Connected to what? The CLOUD?

If this isn’t an addiction, then what is?

Addictions - of any kind - offers a person a way to “numb out”. Then the numbing effect leaves them feeling dreary, dead, lifeless, grim, unfulfilled, bored, dull – what else can they at that point except seek out some form of stimulation – grasp for something to revive, arouse, inspire, excite, accelerate. It is the dramatic swing of the pendulum. So here again we find the sad dilemma of life in modern society – negative polarization – the dramatic oscillation of one side to the other – in other words, Perpetual Imbalance.

The Divine Source never intended for humanity to suffer such a horrific fate. It is unnatural to remain stuck in a hopeless cycle of numbing and hyper-stimulation. A Loving Creator would want His/Her Divine Creations to experience a High Vibrational Frequency and the Divine Presence or their own TRUE, HIGHER SELF.

Unfortunately, what is occurring now on this planet is a strange progression; one that is infiltrating modern society. People are falling prey to this insidious situation every day. The CLOUD is leading humanity to a complete mental, emotional, physical and spiritual takeover. The slow, yet steady advancement of this capture began with television back in the 1950’s. The social programmers began by marketing televised Sports events for men (as a way to appeal to the masculine tribal herd mentality, joining together in conquest-war with another tribe) and Soap Opera dramas for women (to appeal to the feminine “home & family” herd-mindset; “My home is nicer than yours. My children are better looking and smarter than yours, blah, blah, blah.”).

And it worked too. Now it has gone even farther, inciting a large portion of the population of men to masturbate daily to high speed internet porn while women are getting addicted to social media sites (a form of emotional masturbation) – both of these can lead an unbalanced person toward physical decline, serious dysfunctional behavior and is the direct result of some kind of creepy social engineering – i.e., AI programming.

We must wake up to what’s really going on and CHOOSE.

“Be wise,” that is a universal spiritual principle. Technology can be used for good – as it can serve as a resource for fostering growth, information and learning. But we must realize that the “agenda” behind this “progress” has a sinister downside as well – and that is – to get you and I sucked into the CLOUD – to join a new kind of digital herd society.

I’m not suggesting that you not use the internet – by all means, use it, learn, study, gather info, connect with others - but realize the extreme importance of limiting your exposure to being PLUGGED INTO THE CLOUD. Having access to data, downloading videos, studying files, researching alternative news, and connecting with other people are the BENIGN use of the technology.

But once you’re hooked and dependent on it, and keeping yourself continuously PLUGGED INTO THE CLOUD, the technology quickly becomes malignant. You are more than likely going to be manipulated and become obsessed – mindless - and the consequences will be devastating, to say the least – because at that point, your ability to maintain your FREE WILL SOVEREIGNTY will have been compromised


“He whose mind is fixed on me will come to me.” – Krishna

Imagine traveling in a space craft to another world – far out in space – to another galaxy perhaps, or alternative reality. Imagine finding an entirely new race of benevolent human beings – incredibly beautiful beings - what do you imagine they would be like? How do they live? What do they value? How do they look? How do they behave? How do they treat you? How do they communicate? Imagine the highest, most benevolent embodiment of the qualities, characteristics and virtues you can.

            And then… decide to become that yourself! 

Here are the five top common traits and characteristics of all true Saints & Sages throughout the history of mankind:

·        GENTLENESS in thought, word and deed (mind – heart – body)

·        HAPPINESS & CONTENTMENT in their relationship with the Divine Creator, within themselves and others

·        CONCERN FOR OTHERS: Higher beings aren’t interested in talking about themselves; they want to be in humble service to others and would rather remain quiet and cultivate compassion. Service to Others does not necessarily mean you must go around “rescuing” people from their addictions. It’s more of an attitude of “not feeding” the addictions of others, not hindering them on their path of self-discovery, allowing everyone to explore the situations and lessons they need to learn. Higher beings don’t perceive others as “broken,” but instead, hold in mind the thought that each person is an emanation of the Divine Spark – and uniquely part of the ONE.

·        HIGHER BEINGS SPEAK THEIR TRUTH: Higher spiritual beings don’t pretend to be something they’re not. They don’t manipulate, lie or try to usurp the Free Will sovereignty of others

·        THEY LIVE HOLISTIC, SIMPLE & DISCIPLINED LIFESTYLES: Saint and Sages live in conscious communion with the Divine Creator – the Realm of Immortals and Higher Vibrational Beings are their companions. These people have learned to surround and saturate themselves with all the things that allow them access to the highest frequencies possible, such as nature, sunshine, water, air, simple food, simple pleasures, beautiful and soothing music, prayer, art and beauty.

            At this current timeline in the course of human evolution, we are truly at a crossroads. It is important, now, more than ever, to move in the direction of spiritual growth - the vertical axis - rather than horizontally. If we don’t choose to follow a path of Higher Frequency: love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, that’s okay too. Each one of us is given all the time we need to learn whatever lessons we need to learn, so that we can eventually – and in our own time - come to the realization that we are all ONE IN SPIRIT.

The same Divine Spark of Life Force exists in each one of us now. We are given the freedom to CHOOSE to follow the Divine Will. But we can also freely choose not to follow it – we can - in a sense, throw it away if that is what we want.

Addictions are the open doorways to following that path – throwing away your Free Will. But to throw away Free Will is not really possible in the larger scheme of things – all that really happens is that we DELAY the inevitable reconnection and integration of our conscious awareness to our HIGHER SELF.

            Understanding the simplicity of the Highest Purpose of human life, it is obvious that it is necessary to CHOOSE to surround ourselves with the HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES available. What are these High Frequencies? It is the elemental forces of nature – leading toward balance and harmony – in mind, heart and body (mental, emotional and physical).

            Let’s briefly discuss each one:

             MIND: The stream of thought, visual arts, superior currents of thought, being focused on the Highest Good, virtue, kindness, compassion – this is what we must cultivate. Think constantly on the sublime Divine beauty of nature, the stars, and all the cosmovital forces of life: air, water, earth, sun, trees, joy & beauty. Avoid the concerns of the mammalian brain, which want only to predict and control nature. The small-mind is a temporal beast that must be overcome and transcended. The only way this is possible is by surrounding ourselves with Higher Frequencies. Therefore, avoid toxic people; avoid gossip and hyper-stimulating environments. Seek out refuge in nature; dwell frequently among the trees, or mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans.

            HEART: The stream of sound – the heart of Perfect Wisdom - to cultivate the power of your heart; slow down your breathing, concentrate on extending the in and out flow of the breath. Appreciate art and beauty, soak in warm water, spend time in nature, build camp fires, walk alone and observe natural life, listen to soothing 432 Hz music – feel the beating of your own heart in your body. Be still – wait – listen…

            BODY: The stream of Life - extend kindness and compassion to your body. Do not feed your body inferior food, but instead, eat a High Vibrational diet of organic raw foods. Avoid alcohol, drugs, and all biocidic substances, clean up your body from the presence of toxic chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, and spend some time outside, exercising, walking, dancing, bicycle riding, swimming. The body is the temple of the Living Spirit - a tool for raising consciousness and self-transformation; but if you are choosing to be addicted to toxic substances, masturbation, infidelity, or dangerous activities, you are risking damage to the most precious gift that has been given to you. The physical body is designed to lead you to Higher Frequencies. As always – it’s your Divine Right to choose what YOU want to do with your body.

We touched on a lot of ideas in this article. Much of it may seem strange or foreign or new to you. I am writing this from my own direct experience and personal discovery. The most important aspect of life – any life – is to reach upward toward HIGHER VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES. But as long as one wants “something else” other than HIGHER FREQUENCY, then they must be free to follow whatever path they want. Inevitably, there really is nothing else to acquire. We are destined for the stars. We are meant to expand in consciousness and find our place in the Uni-Verse, to reconnect with our own HIGHER SELF.

            There are, or course, some simple and practical suggestions I want to offer. These are the things I’ve chosen to do in my own life, so that I can maintain the highest level of equilibrium possible. But you must decide for yourself what you truly value.

Do you want to pursue life purely from the form-based terrestrial horizontal axis, or do you want to move into the Higher Realms – the vertical axis of Cosmic Realization? The potential for either one resides in you right now – to reach upward, learn to expand your consciousness (The Force), or else, sink downward into the lower realms of density which ultimately lead toward the hellish virtual domain of AI (The Dark Side).

EAT HIGH VIBRATIONAL FOODS: Enjoy a diet of living, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fermented whole grains. If your body is ready for it, move away from all lower vibrational foods, especially in the form of processed foods, dairy and all animal products, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc.

AVOID LOUD, OVERLY EXCITED or AGGRESSIVE INDIVIDUALS: Avoid crowds, parties, low frequency drama, or places that play loud rowdy & harsh music (especially all 440 Hz music which is disharmonic and disrupts the proper functioning of the human brain, causing the left hemisphere to be more active - male dominant.)

REDUCE OR ELIMINATE EXPOSURE TO THE CLOUD: This means it is extremely important and wise to minimize, as much as possible, your exposure to smart phones, wireless internet, microwave ovens, television, movies and computer screens. Don’t play video games. In our modern world, this may be virtually impossible for most people, especially for those who have office jobs, but you can take some preventative measures to diminish too much exposure.

In my own life, I don’t keep my cell phone in the house. It remains “turned off” in the car and I only check it when I need to. Also, I choose not to have a television set, or internet connection at home. I spend an average of perhaps two hours a week “plugged” into the CLOUD only when I am at a coffee shop or the library. I download videos and articles for my personal study and then view them off-line.

LISTEN TO SOOTHING 432 Hz MUSIC: Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence, and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love will have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

GET OUT OF DEBT – SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE AND PAY AS YOU GO: This is another tough one for most people, especially for the millions of young people who may have acquired massive student loan debt and aren’t able to pay it back. Unless there is a nation-wide Financial Jubilee, eventually, the government is going to get it out of you! It is not a good time in human history to be in debt – in fact, there never really was a good time to be in debt. If possible, GET OUT OF DEBT as soon as possible. It’s far better to have nothing and be independent and debt free than it is to have a store house of stuff that you have to pay to maintain and shelter. Higher Frequencies, practical skills and wisdom are far more valuable assets than material things. Remember, “The Best Things in Life are Not Things.”

CHOOSE HEALTHY ACTIVITIES THAT ARE RELAXING: This is very important and must be worked out individually. Everyone is different, we all need different things. So it’s impossible to make generalized suggestions. All I can share is what works for me. Since I choose to live debt free and do not have a job, and survive only a very small, limited income - I don’t travel - I stay home a lot. I work on creating and recording 432 Hz acoustic music. I do maintenance projects in order to keep our small cabin together – painting, plumbing, yard work, washing clothes by hand. For health, I bike ride, practice non-orgasmic Karezza sex with only one woman, go for leisure hikes in the woods, reading, journaling, bake my own sourdough bread, enjoy the smell of incense and outdoor soaks in a tub of warm water, candles, soft soothing music, tea, cold brew coffee, toast, fruit and raw vegetables. That’s basically my whole life – and it is the way I am able to sustain and maintain the highest vibrational frequency I can.

The more you exercise your own Free Will and expand your conscious awareness of the Divine Source Field, the quicker you’ll arrive at a harmonic frequency that is ultimately satisfying for you too. Then you will truly experience yourself as the kind of being you want to be with.

Find whatever way works for you!

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The Path of Non-Interference
{aka} Not Giving Dead Mouse Gifts

Leewillie Tunesmith – May 2018


“A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realized no one owes me anything. As long as I believed I was entitled, I wore myself out trying to collect. No one owes me moral conduct, respect, friendship, love, courtesy or intelligence.”

- (Paraphrase from “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World,” by Harry Browne.

Human Beings seem to like interfering with one another. By ‘interfering’, I mean, we are always trying to “get” something from someone else as a way to feel a sense of Social Importance or Social Acceptance (because it produces the happy chemical, Serotonin). The trouble is other people are attempting to do the same thing to us. And this is the underlying cause behind all relational conflicts, disappointment and war.

There are basically two maneuvers behind all conflict:

The first is the overt animal strategy of “taking” something from others (stealing, cajoling, controlling, manipulating, attacking, and so on.)

The second is just as bad, more covert and difficult to detect – that is, “giving gifts” or “sharing”- it is the scheme of “buying” your way into being accepted. This is what I call, Dead Mouse Gifts.

If you have ever owned a cat (especially one that lives outside), you’re probably familiar with the behavior of it bringing you a dead mouse. The cat catches a mouse, or lizard, baby squirrel or bird and brings it to your door, meowing for you to come see it. It is in the nature of mammals to bring food to their herd-mates because it is perceived as an asset that gives Social Importance, or “one-up man-ship”. That produces the happy chemical known as Serotonin.

When the cat brings you its kill, she’s obviously trying to “share” her dead mouse with you, and will leave it (half-eaten) on your doorstep; and even though you don’t want it, the cat doesn’t get offended or hurt by your refusal of its “gift”.

But we do - human beings often get emotionally hurt and disappointed when others don’t value or want our gifts. This all comes from the unconscious animal programming in our brains that has evolved, motivating us to try and “fit in” with other herd members. Whenever we attempt to share our “values” (treasures) with others and they refuse it, we generally feel the effects of stress and cortisol (the unhappy chemical) because of attachment. In other words, we want something, or have some unrealistic expectation – i.e., we want their agreement or appreciation for instance.

When you become conscious of this entire dynamic interplay of “desiring” Social Importance and attempting to reach out to another person to gain acceptance, it becomes much easier to let go and free yourself from all these silly games, which most often only lead toward emotional discomfort and disappointment.

As long as we’re unconscious, our brains automatically default into “wanting or desiring” because we’re programmed to seek out Socially Importance and Acceptance. This can be observed, for example, whenever we find ourselves writing a text or email to someone, and then keep constantly looking at the phone or computer to see if they’ve responded.

No matter what the situation is that we find ourselves in, the solution is always to let go. Whenever we are disappointed, bored, worried, frightened or feel anxiety - simply be willing to feel the stress and cortisol. Don’t do anything about it. Watch, observe, wait; and do not grasp for and kind of addictive stimulation – sit with the pain – face it and allow time for the cortisol to metabolize. (In most cases, it can take up to two hours for cortisol to metabolize). But doing so will strengthen you, and allow access to your true power, leading eventually to an experience of genuine freedom from problems and conflict in relationships.

“Sharing” or “recruiting” others into your private herd or “giving gifts” may seem, on the surface, to be quite harmless and innocent. But it can turn out to be a major trouble maker when it comes to relationships – just because it involves interfering with the Free Will Sovereignty of others. This is often hard to recognize, but quite obvious once you look closely enough at the consequences that generally occur over and over in your life.

Whenever you are attempting to give something to another person, whether it is telling them a story, expressing an opinion, religious or political beliefs, or even offering a material gift, they may or may not be really interested. One thing is certain; most people don’t like to offend another, so they’ll “tolerate” your “gift-giving” even when they aren’t really interested. More often than not, the other person will either try to change the subject, make up some lie, excuse them-selves, or may even argue with you; (some people really love to argue and debate – it’s another great way to feel “one-up” and a good way of getting some Serotonin or perhaps a dopamine squirt.)

This process of attempting to manage and deal with emotional pain and stress can be described by cyclical wheel. One step leads to another and then another – logically moving round and round in a well-defined “cause & effect” continuum that looks like the illustration above.

Once you are locked on this cycle it is difficult to get off of it. The best time to break the progression is when you are in the midst of the effects of stress and cortisol. At no other place can you really stop the integral dynamic. This requires calling on your “Free Will” power and allowing yourself to “feel the effects of the stress”. Only then can you decide not to “seek out Social Importance or Acceptance” from another person or group.

Instead, you stop the wheel, and watch the whole structure fall apart – like a lone wolf, you are free – free of caring what other people think of you, free of the manipulations and control strategies that come from people attempting to “manipulate or control” you or “suck” your life-force energy.

Though we are all guilty of doing this at one time or another to certain people in our lives, there are two distinct challenging personality types that actively thrive on continuously seeking to “suck” energy from others: these are:

1. The narcissist (who doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and will use any situation and anyone to get what they want or need) and,   

2. The vampire (who is a person that has no energy source of their own, so they need to get it from others).

            Narcissists have no empathy. They are like dead batteries. It is as if they have no functional emotional body. They’re often very opinionated, controlling, they are liars and deceptive and will do or say anything to gain control over another person. It’s really a pretty sad, low vibrational, unconscious type personality. In most cases they are prone to exhibiting multiple addictions; booze, smokes, food, prescription drugs, video games, money, gambling, porn, masturbation, sexual misconduct and most of all, absolutely obsessed with their personal image.

            Most vampire type personalities, on the other hand, are often quite harmless – they just want your attention and enthusiasm in order to feel energized themselves (basically, human ticks and mosquitos). But there are those whose vampirism is quite toxic and dangerous!

These are the malevolent vampires who can deliberately “morph” themselves into pretending they are interested in what you’re interested in – they will appear to care about you, present themselves as charming, exciting, enthusiastic, they’ll give gifts and share things with you – but they come with an ulterior motive, intention or “secret agenda” – they want to infiltrate your life and build a relationship with you so they can more efficiently “drain and suck” your energy. These people are so pathetic and weak that they are often addicted to just about everything: gambling, lying, deceiving, drinking, multiple sex partners, porn, gossip, drugs, traveling, loud & aggressive music, adventure, food – everything! 

They don’t really want your “gifts” nor do they genuinely share your values – instead, their main concern is to feed entirely off of your energy – devour you! When you are ensnared by one or around this type of person long enough, you find out quickly how extremely deceitful and clever they can be. They will totally drain you. Once you’ve identified one of these people - avoid them completely!

(Author’s NOTE: I write this from direct experience – being an empathic person, I have been an easy target for several of these personality types throughout my entire life!)

            Strangely enough, if you don’t share your “gifts” or energy or your “values” with them, if you can remain UNATTACHED to “trying to help them”, and if you SPEAK YOUR TRUTH consistently, they’ll quickly disappear. They need you to give them your energy. And they don’t really care what form the energy is – they’ll eat anything!

            Most important of all - BE CAREFUL AROUND OTHER PEOPLE – all people - don’t go around giving your Dead Mouse Gifts without asking for their genuine honesty as to whether or not they want to hear your story or opinion, or whatever you’re attempting to share. Recognize the valuable importance of being an independent and complete person within yourself.  It’s far better to wait for an invitation to speak or share instead of trying to find someone who feels compatible or who will “like you.” Focus instead on HIGH FREQUENCY & HIGH VIBRATION.  

This is a much better, more superior pathway to follow – it is a path of non-interference. Here are the top five characteristics of a HIGH FREQUENCY type of being:

·        Gentleness: in thought, word and deed…


·        Happy and Comfortable in their own skin. They are connected to the Presence of the Divine Source. High Frequency Beings WANT NOTHING ELSE.


·        Concern for others:

High Frequency Beings SELDOM TALK ABOUT THEM-SELVES, THEIR STRUGGLES, OPINIONS, BELIEFS OR WHAT THEY ARE “INTO” without first asking others whether or not they are interested. High Frequency Beings wait to be invited before sharing their gifts.



High Frequency Beings give & devote every thought, word and deed directly to GOD. (Imagine for a moment, that you are in the Presence of a Divine Being – how would you behave? Would you complain? Would you criticize? Would you judge?)


·        They live a simple, holistic & disciplined life: High Frequency Beings have transcended their lower animal nature. They do not behave like self-centered animals. They do not numb themselves. Instead, they surround themselves with the HIGHEST vibrational energies possible, thru nature, whole & raw foods, deep breathing, meditation, exercise and 432 Hz Music.

To achieve a HIGH FREQUENCY state of being, your highest priority must be not to interfere with others.

At the final scene of the movie, “The Force Awakens,”
Luke Skywalker had been living alone in nature,
unplugged from the AI CLOUD, quietly communing
and absorbing the Cosmic & Terrestrial Forces.


“Be thou not proud, O man, in thy wisdom
Discourse with the ignorant as well as the wise.
If one comes to thee full of knowledge,
Listen and heed well, for wisdom is everything.
Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken
For truth like the sunlight shines above all.

- Emerald Tablets III (The Key of Wisdom) Thoth, the Atlantean

 Authentic wisdom & freedom comes from not wanting anything in the form world. When you have attachments and want something – especially from other people – you are setting yourself up for karmic pain and disappointment. Conflicts are often rooted in desiring something that you feel you must get, or need to take from others, or that others want to take from you!

SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH and LETTING GO OF ATTACHMENTS are your greatest powers. When you have mastery, no one can manipulate or deceive you. This is why it is important to realize that the only way to deal with toxic, conflicted people is by disengaging from them.

Each day, practice disengaging from small annoyances first; then you will be able to handle challenging situations more quickly and easily. Small annoyances are readily available: and can include such things as the neighbors’ dog barking, loud music in stores and restaurants, television commercials, city traffic, solicitors, rude people, religious fanatics, and so on.

Again, always consider the consequences of “giving gifts” or “sharing” with others without their permission. In other words, learn to respect what other people want and need. How often have you not wanted the “gifts” that someone tried to give you? (Listening to their complaints, long winded stories, their hobbies, interests, opinions, beliefs, or even them giving you something you don’t value or want.)

Understand it is an unconscious, instinctual drive in human beings to seek out Social Importance. This is what underlies most, if not all our motivations to “give and get” – we are driven to feel included and accepted. And yet, ironically, this is precisely how every conflict in the world begins. If we don’t get what we want, we attack them!

But when you do not want or “need” to share your “gifts” with another person (stories, opinions, beliefs, etc.) then conflicts, disappointments and emotional hurt become impossible.

In Summary, we have stated clearly in this article that being fully conscious of the interplay between yourself and other people - of wanting and desiring to feel accepted by others is a lot easier to achieve when you are completely unattached to any specific outcome. Whenever you are unconscious your brain automatically defaults into “wanting or desire” and causes you to do something in order to “get” what you want. Since we are biologically programmed to want to feel Socially Important and Socially Accepted, it is wise to learn how to sit still and “feel” your stress and cortisol whenever it occurs. It is far better to sit with the pain and allow your body and mind to settle and wait. And certainly, do not grasp for addictive stimulation – be present with the pain and discomfort – face it and allow time for the cortisol to metabolize.

Whenever you are in a distressing situation, do this:


Be silent…

Fold your arms…

Stabilize your body…

Go into a state of relaxed stasis…

Remain still…

Take three, slow deep breaths…

Let go of the attachment…

Gently Speak Your Truth… (or not)

then, completely disengage…


This leads to the path to genuine freedom from emotional suffering.

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